52 Week Money Challenge! Free printable chart + how it works!

52 Week Money Challenge! Easily save almost $1,400 by the end of the year! Free printable chart included!
Are you ready to easily save almost $1,400 this year without even thinking about it? Join me in the 52 Week Money Challenge and end 2014 with a nice chunk of change instead of an empty bank account! All it takes is a little discipline! 

How does it work?
Each week, add the dollar amount of the week that it is. For instance, this is the first week of the year so we will be adding $1. Each week it will add up and the final week of the year, week 52, you will add $52 giving you a grand total of $1,378! 

What to use?
First off, print this FREE 52 Week Money Challenge chart that will help you keep track of what week it is and how much you need to deposit. That link is my DropBox so don't be alarmed. There are tons of ideas out there on what sort of container to use for this. I personally like my large mason jar. The chart fits nicely (when cut out) and I can easily take it out to mark off the week. 

52 Week Money Challenge Jar Idea

If you don't want others to see your money, get creative and think of other areas in your house where you can inconspicuously store your money. For instance, if I was not using my large mason jar, I would consider using the red compost bucket on my kitchen counter (I don't actually use it for compost). 

Make it a friendly competition! 
How about getting your spouse, working teenager, or other family and friends involved! Let them know you are taking the 52 Week Money Challenge and check in with each other each week to make sure you are all adding money to your jar! 

What if I forget?
Don't worry! Every single week, most likely every Friday, I will remind everyone to make a deposit in their money jar! 

So here we go! This is week #1 so all you have to do is deposit $1 into your money jar!  

Do you have a creative idea on what to use for your money jar? I would love to see it and share it with everyone! Send me a message via my contact page. 

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