How To Hang a Wreath on a Mirror

How to Hang a Wreath on a Mirror - What Rose Knows

I received quite a few emails asking how I hung my Rustic Easter Wreath on the mirror so I thought I would show you all real quick how easy it is to hang a wreath on a mirror! 

How To Hang a Wreath on a Mirror - What Rose Knows

There was no way I was going to take this very large, and very heavy mirror down so I decided to use a 3M Command Hook. I always have these laying around the house because they are so useful. Amazon has them as an add-on item for only $3.59 for a 2-pk. I also used a roll of burlap that I had laying around. I purchased it at Michaels with a 40% off coupon. Amazon also has the burlap roll as an add-on item for only $5.47.

How To Hang a Wreath on a Mirror - What Rose Knows

Make sure you clean your mirror first before attaching the 3M Hook because you want a firm hold and dust and debris will prevent that from happening. Hold your wreath up to where you want it be so you can get an idea of where to place the 3M Hook. I wouldn't just go and stick the hook on the mirror all willy-nilly because the less you mess with the 3M Hook after it's adhered, the better. 

Once you have the 3M Hook where you want it, loop the burlap around the wreath and hand the wreath on the hook. I simply tucked the burlap behind the mirror. I made sure to hang the wreath so the hook does not show. That is what is so nice about using a grapevine wreath! I hope this helped those of you who asked! 

1.0   Elizabeth
9/5/2014 12:23:16 PM
What a great idea! I love the burlap and thought for certain you hooked it in the back. Thank you, and BTW, the mirror and wreath are beautiful!
2.0   Cathy
9/8/2014 9:47:21 AM
What a great tip for hanging wreaths on a mirror. Thank you for sharing at Share It One MOre Time. Cathy
3.0   Anonymous
1/12/2017 4:46:57 PM
thank you looked all over for this info and you had it!!!
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