Easy Homemade Ice Cream Cake Dessert!

I've spent way too many years purchasing ice cream cakes from DQ or Walmart. And I've spent many more purchasing regular cakes from the local grocery stores. After awhile, ya just get sick of 'em. And geez are the prices of ice cream cakes high! When we have family over for birthdays, we need to feed 25 - 30 people! 

Last year a friend of mine brought her homemade ice cream dessert to our Cub Scout picnic and it was a hit! It got me thinking about how many different combinations you can make and how fun it would be to let the kids choose the layers on their birthday! 

This past weekend we celebrated my daughter's 15th birthday and instead of your typical birthday cake, I made a homemade ice cream cake dessert! It's super easy to put together and the combinations are endless! Be creative and get the kids involved! 

For this particular cake, we decided on a brownie base, pulverized Oreos for the next layer, and the rest you can see below......

Before you start, thaw your ice cream! 

Bottom layer ideas: brownie mix, cookie dough, cake mix, crushed graham crackers, fudge ice cream topping mixed with pulverized cookies.....

Before I added the 2nd layer, I allowed the brownie to cool. 

Be sure to press the cookies firmly against the brownie layer.

After Step #4, you may want to put your baking dish in the freezer to allow the ice cream to harden up. Don't allow it to completely freeze. Just have it in the freezer long enough so when you add the top ingredients they do not disappear into the ice cream.  

We used vanilla and fudge swirled ice cream, broken up pieces of Nutter Butter cookies, and mini Reese's Peanut Butter cups! You just can't go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter! 

Be sure to freeze your masterpiece for at least one whole day before you plan on serving. I would not make it too far in advance though because you may risk freezer burn depending on how well you are able to get it sealed with the plastic wrap and aluminum foil. 

And finally.......

A big thanks to my friend Dawn for introducing this to me! Laughing

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