Living Room Tour plus How We Saved On Living Room Furniture

Living Room Tour plus How We Saved on Living Room Furniture #pipefurniture #steamertrunk  #cartcoffeetable #Ikeaektorp
Every time I walk into our living room, I can't help but think it looks like we spent loads and loads of money on it. Not only is there no way we are in any position to spend loads and loads of money on any type of furniture, even if we could, I'm still too frugal to do anything like that. Although I adore the way our living room turned out, it's still a work in progress. I don't plan on rushing out to purchase finishing touches like throw pillows, blankets, or accessories. I think it's important to get a feel for the space before you add finishing touches. 

I want to share with you all my tips on saving on living room furniture with a quick little tour. What you see here didn't cost us more than $1200 (not including the TV, accessories, or windmill blades and tail) and if you have been shopping for furniture in the past decade, you know there are couches out there for $1200 alone! 

Living Room Tour plus How We Saved on Living Room Furniture #pipefurniture #steamertrunk  #cartcoffeetable #IkeaektorpTip #1 Repurpose

Instead of looking for a traditional end table set, why not look for a steamer trunk at a resale or antique store? I came across this trunk at Treasures Under Sugar Loaf in Winona, MN for only $35. The inside is immaculate and it doubles as storage. The best part was that I didn't have to do a thing to it. The height was just a little low, but that's ok, and the aged chippy look went with my rustic elegance style. 


Living Room Tour plus How We Saved on Living Room Furniture #pipefurniture #steamertrunk  #cartcoffeetable #IkeaektorpTip #2 Shop the back room 

Because I had already found the awesome steamer trunk, I knew I needed a more traditional end table for this space. Instead of looking for an end table on the showroom floor at the furniture stores, I shopped the back rooms. I knew there would be a greater chance to find a single end table at a discounted price. The end table above was found in the Ashely Furniture back room (bargain center or whatever it is they call it), for only $150. It was the perfect size for the space and it still went with my rustic elegance style. 


Living Room Tour plus How We Saved on Living Room Furniture #pipefurniture #steamertrunk  #cartcoffeetable #Ikeaektorp

Tip #3 Get crafty

My husband (Mr. Handsome Handy Husband) and I visit western Wisconsin pretty often because my Amish friend Henry at H&L Rustic Reclaim Furniture always seems to have something that needs just a little bit of attention to make it beautiful. This industrial cart coffee table was a sad looking factory cart when we found it at Henry's store. We bought it off of him for just $75 and my husband ripped off all of the old rotten boards, spray painted the frame with matte black spray paint, and used both rough sawn boards and barn boards to replace all of the wood.

Living Room Tour plus How We Saved on Living Room Furniture #pipefurniture #steamertrunk  #cartcoffeetable #IkeaektorpMr. Handsome Handy Husband also got crafty and used his woodworking skills as well as his pipe fitter knowledge to make this TV stand. If you search "pipe furniture DIY" on Pinterest, I'm sure you will come across many tutorials on how to make something like this. My favorite part about this piece is the reclaimed barn beam that he used for the top. The top of the barn beam has indentations from the bolts used to connect the beams showing the decades and decades of wear. We purchase our reclaimed wood and rough sawn boards at Used Anew in Sparta, WI. If you are not sure where to find reclaimed barn wood or rough sawn lumber, I would search your area on Craigslist. 


Living Room Tour plus How We Saved on Living Room Furniture #pipefurniture #steamertrunk  #cartcoffeetable #IkeaektorpTip #4 Shop Used 

There is no shame in buying used furniture and sometimes you can really find a great bargain like I did with this tall lamp! If the lamp looks familiar, that is because it's still in stores at Target right now. I actually got it on a Facebook auction site in my area because it did not work out for the person who originally purchased it. I was the highest bid at $37 and the last time I checked, this lamp was priced at $59.99 at Target. 


Living Room Tour plus How We Saved on Living Room Furniture #pipefurniture #steamertrunk  #cartcoffeetable #IkeaektorpTip #5 Shop IKEA

I can't tell you enough how much I love these IKEA Ektorp couches. I know there are some very mixed reviews out there online for these couches, and I promise I'm going to do a post telling you my experience with care for these couches, but for now, I couldn't be happier about this purchase! First off, the fact that they were $299 and $349 when we purchased them felt like a steal! Yes, the decision to get white may seem a bit crazy, but with two kids, a dog who likes to lay against the bottom (not lay on), and visitors almost every weekend since we had them, I say they are holding up pretty darn good! The white curtain panels are also from IKEA and were only $29.99 for the pair. Yes, the PAIR! You can actually get these online but you will have to pay shipping (still a really good deal in my opinion!).

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I hope you enjoyed my little living room tour and tips on saving on furniture! Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook and if you have any questions, please leave a comment or send an email! Also, I just really love to hear from my readers! :) 


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1.0   Funky Junk Interiors
9/12/2015 1:36:11 PM
This room is outrageously gorgeous! I'd love to see a tutorial of that TV stand! Goodness... it's perfect! Pinned, and also featuring you on Sunday on my FB page. Thanks for linking up to Party Junk!
2.0   Rose
9/12/2015 5:02:34 PM
Aw thank you so much! I feel so honored! A tutorial is coming soon!
3.0   Mary - In The Boondocks
9/15/2015 1:10:06 PM
Very nice room. Lots of rustic touches. I would haveliked to see what you have hanging upon your wall above the tv unit. It looks super interesting.
4.0   Lauren
9/16/2015 8:54:06 PM
Ahhh! Lurrrrrv everything! Those windmills absolutely amazing!
5.0   Rose
9/17/2015 7:29:40 AM
Hi Mary! I will do a post again that has a better view of the windmill tail and blades on the wall! Thank you so much for stopping by!
6.0   Rose
9/17/2015 7:31:47 AM
HI LAUREN! Thank you SOOO much for the feature on Bless'er House today! I feel so honored!
7.0   JannNewton
9/18/2015 7:29:55 AM
Your room looks great! Love the coffee table, and I've always been a fan of those Ikea couches too.
9/18/2015 7:36:02 AM
Oh my! I love your room (you are brave for going white!) and your husband did a bang up job on the coffee table and tv stand. They are really fabulous.
9.0   Pam
9/18/2015 11:05:27 AM
Love the colors and the rustic accents! I made a white slipcover for a couch a while back and absolutely loved it, but couldn't talk the hubby into doing it again when the couch itself finally wore out. But a grey bedroom with dark furniture and white I could talk him into that!
10.0   Angie Nelson
9/18/2015 12:31:35 PM
I absolutely love your style. These tips will come in handy for sure!
11.0   Mel @ Adventures of Mel
9/21/2015 2:28:14 PM
Your living room is so beautiful! I really love the windmill blades on your wall! They add so much character and charm to the room. Thank you for sharing at Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in this week's issue and on Instagram this Wednesday.
12.0   Jeanne
9/30/2015 12:09:34 PM
Another totally awesome room! This summer while browsing what I call "shopping porn" (various homegoods and furniture websites to which I subscribe), I managed to get the 'deal of the century' on a wonderful Ashley furniture 84" sofa. For some unknown reason it was only $296 plus shipping!!!! Now, I couldn't believe my eyes so I visited it for a couple of days until the sale was about to expire and then took the plunge! It cost $100 for delivery from NC and the truckers brought it into my home (the hubs had to remove carton and attach legs). It is a greyish green with rolled arms and tufted back. I'll post some photos once living room is painted (everything is under wraps presently waiting for the paint). Since I'm going for a neutral 'beachy' feel it works with what I have, what I'll paint or retool and most importantly the original stained glass window in my living room. I bought it from Joss & Main where you never know what you'll find and at what price. :-)
13.0   Aditi
12/29/2015 5:05:18 AM
Quite impressive blog. Loved your little living room tips to save furniture. Eager to read more from you.
14.0   nbyldimof
9/15/2017 10:25:21 AM
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15.0   Anonymous
9/21/2017 7:36:03 PM
Could you tell me what size your rug is? 😊 Thank you!
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