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It's been over two weeks since my last blog post. Even though I am very active on Instagram right now, and occasionally check in on Facebook, I failed to realize that some of you come to the blog only, or are subscribed to my newsletter and only visit when there is a new email. 

Everything is ok. Everything is good. But I owe you all an explanation. I realized this these past few days when I started to receive emails from readers asking me where I was and if I'm still going to be posting on my blog. 

Yes, I will resume posting soon, but not like before. 

This past year or so I've been struggling with authenticity on my blog. I don't even like to call it a blog because for so long it never really even felt like a blog. It was a deal aggregator website. That is not a blog (in my opinion).

When I first started as Rose Knows Coupons back in 2010, my main focus was on coupons and deals. I was all about coupons and deals and my family benefited from my deal seeking and coupon shopping. I was happy and excited about it. I enjoyed posting and looked forward to working all day long because when there was a deal available, I wanted to let me readers know about it. The first few years were great. I made some money in exchange for my work and my little blog business was fulfilling. Then, almost 2 years ago I rebranded my site to What Rose Knows because I wanted to do more than just coupons and deals. However, it was difficult to add more/different content because for so long all I had ever known on my blog was coupons, deals, and freebies. 

Since then my life has changed. Along with that my passion has changed. My wants, needs, and desires have changed. My lifestyle has changed. Years ago I may have been excited about new cereal or frozen pizza coupons. Now I don't even look at them because we rarely buy any packaged or processed food items. I'm not here to tell you not to buy them, I'm just here to tell you that shopping for items like that no longer fits my family's needs. Stockpiling, requesting freebies, and purchasing items because they are a "deal" is no longer beneficial to my lifestyle. Because of that, if I continue What Rose Knows as a couponing and deal site, I will feel like a hypocrite and a fraud. I don't ever want to toe the line of being deceitful. 

What Rose Knows is changing direction. Focus will be on creating a stylish home on a simple budget. This will include so much more, but that is the shortened version and the gist of it.  This is something I have always loved and something I excel at. This direction has been something I have thought about for a very, very long time. Now that I have really, truly created a stylish home on a simple budget with our new home, I feel confident in sharing what I know, what I have learned, and my journey along the way. I realize that some of you will leave, unsubscribe, and unlike anything related to What Rose Knows. I will be sad to see any of you go and I do hope you realize that this is best for us all. I just ask that even if you think this is something you will not be interested in, to give me a chance. From here on out, What Rose Knows will be 100% authentic. You may find what I share still fits your lifestyle. 

I've never been so excited and so sure about something in my life. Well, except for my husband's marriage proposal. These past few months I have been jotting down ideas on my laptop, in my phone, and in notebooks. I have bounced ideas off of family and friends, and even bit the bullet and hired a graphic designer to give What Rose Knows a new look. A look that will accurately reflect the new direction of the blog, and myself as a person. These changes should all take place within the next few weeks. I feel so good about these changes and this new adventure and already feel myself falling back in love with what I do on What Rose Knows. 

Please feel free to ask me questions, make requests, yell at me...whatever you want! I need/want to hear from YOU! 

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Why My 10 Year Old has an Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web Walmart Family Mobile Plan


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone.
#JustACallAway #CollectiveBias

Walmart Family Mobile #JustACallAway [ad]This past Monday I received an email from our new school district regarding all of the upcoming information about this coming school year - including the date of the first day of school. Our new school district in our new state of Minnesota starts really early (for us) on August 31st - and I immediately panicked because I hadn't bought one back-to-school supply! I've learned my lesson in the past waiting until the last minute so my 10 year old and I headed to Walmart to get school supplies. 

On our way to Walmart I remembered filling out his school enrollment papers and how lost I felt when I needed to give emergency contact numbers. This situation is definitely a first for me. We have always lived within 30 minutes from family, and we always had neighbors and friends we could depend on. Before we moved to Minnesota, I had a dozen people to choose from when filling out an emergency contact form! I'm sure in the future, the longer we live here and the more people we meet I will not have any issues filling out that form, but for now, I needed to do something that would make my son and my husband and I feel better about living in a new city. 

Walmart Family Mobile #JustACallAway [ad]While filling up our cart with school supplies, I noticed this Walmart Family Mobile display located in the electronics department. It would certainly make me feel better if family and friends were just a phone call away for my son. The $29.88 per month charge for the unlimited talk, text, and up to 1GB of 4G LTE was very appealing. Adding another line to my current cell phone plan would be too costly. Plus, this would be a good way to see if the entire family should switch to this plan since I KNOW we are paying too much right now. The coverage map looked impressive on the T-Mobile Nationwide Network so if we don't have any issues living in our semi-rural area, we are definitely going to switch all lines to Walmart Family Mobile once our contract is up with our current provider. 

Walmart Family Mobile #JustACallAway [ad]At $29.88 per month, this was a great plan for my son to have since he could learn some financial responsibility by contributing to the cost. With Walmart Family Mobile, it's not a typical prepaid service, it is a postpaid service so you get your bill at the end of the month. I like this idea for teaching financial responsibility because postpaid bills are what he will encounter more of as an adult. The initial cost for this extra added back-to-school expense ended up being the cost of the phone which was $149 and the Walmart Family Mobile Starter Kit for $25. 

Walmart Family Mobile #JustACallAway [ad]We went with the Samsung GALAXY Grand Prime because it is a phone that will grow with him. We learned our lesson on "starter" phones with our daughter and they always ended up breaking easily or needed some sort of repairs Also, my daughter and I have been iPhone users for quite a few years and since my husband has a Samsung GALAXY, I figured my husband could do all of the set-up and explain to him how to use this phone (and let me off the hook). :) 

Walmart Family Mobile #JustACallAway [ad]Now before you go thinking I'm crazy or asking for trouble that my 10-year old has a smartphone, relax. I wrote up a contact for him to sign so we were both clear on the purpose for this phone. For those of you interested in writing up your own contract for your school aged child, here is what our contract consists of:

  • This phone is owned by my mom & dad, not me.
  • My mom, dad, and sister will always, always know the password.
  • This phone is solely for the purpose of getting ahold of my mom, dad, sister, grandparents, or other trusted adult.
  • This phone will remain in my backpack at school turned off.
  • When I take this phone to a friend's house, I will ask the adult to keep my phone until I leave. 
  • I will not bring this phone with me everywhere I go, especially if I am with my parents or sister.
  • I will not use this phone to be rude or mean.
  • I will always answer this phone if my parents, sister, or other family members are calling.
  • I will not add any apps, games, or music to this phone without consulting my parents or sister.
  • I will not use this phone to surf the web. 
  • I will never share information like my name, address, current location, or phone number. If anyone asks me for this information, I will immediately tell my parents, sister, or trusted adult.
  • I will respect this  phone. It does not belong to me so I will take extra special care of it when in my possession. 
  • I will make sure it is always charged before I take it to school, after school activities, or when I'm with friends. 

Since this is my first ever parent / child phone contract, feel free to leave a comment letting me know what I may have missed! I know that a signed piece of paper does not guarantee all of these rules will be followed, but at least we are both clear on what the rules are!  

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to http://cbi.as/kxt3 or your local Walmart for current pricing.

For more information on Walmart Family Mobile, go HERE.

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Don't Forget These Campbell's Products When Shopping for Back-To-School!


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CampbellSavings #CollectiveBias

Click here for Back-To-School recipes from #CampbellSavings Many of you are probably headed to the store this weekend to check off items from your back-to-school shopping list. Back-to-school shopping isn't just school supplies, it's also having the right pantry staples for dinnertime! 

With back-to-school around the corner, it's time to think about quick and easy weeknight meals. Campbell's® has you covered with inspiring recipes that will leave your kids excited for dinnertime!

Campbell's has teamed up with Walmart to share their favorite recipes to help prepare your back-to-school meals in record time by incorporating some amazing household brands:

  • Pace® Picante Sauce
  • V8® Splash®
  • Swanson® Chicken Broth 
  • Campbell's® Dinner Sauces
  • Swanson® Premium Chunk Chicken Breast
  • Prego® Italian Sauces
  • SpaghettiOs®

Find back-to-school tips and tricks plus recipes HERE to make the transition easier for your family.

Be sure to also check out the "Outside the Lunchbox" section at the bottom of the page which focuses on unique lunch ideas!

What back-to-school tips work for your family?

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My Picks for Kindle eBooks (8/7/15)


My Picks for free Kindle eBooks

Here are my picks for today's free Kindle eBooks! This list is curated my me, not a computer program, so not only do I look for books with great ratings, I try to add many books that will appeal to the masses. My goal is to get this list up for you all each weekday, but some days are busier than others for me so I can't promise a new list every weekday. I hope you all find a few good books from my picks of free Kindle eBooks! Enjoy!

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Kindle Disclosure

{Click here to continue reading....}

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Shutterfly: $10 off any $10 Purchase + (the more you spend, the more you save)!


$10 off $10+ Shutterfly Purchase
Now though August 12th, you can save $10 off any $10 Shutterfly purchase when you enter promo code BIGSAVINGS at checkout! This is actually a progressive coupon so the more you spend, the more you save! 

  • Save $10 on orders of $10 - $48.99
  • Save $25 on orders of $49 - $98.99
  • Save $50 on orders of $99 - $148.99
  • Save $75 on orders of $149 or more

*Offer expires August 12, 2015 (11:59 P.M. PT). Offer is good for $10 off qualifying merchandise orders of $10-$48.99; $25 off $49-$98.99; $50 off $99-$189.99 and $75 off $149+ or more (after any other discounts and before taxes, shipping and handling) through shutterfly.com or our mobile-friendly site. Offer cannot be redeemed more than twice per account and/or billing address. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply.

Shop Shutterfly HERE.

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$12 Huggies Diapers Savings


Here are four new Huggies Diapers coupons that will save you up to $12! Remember each coupon can be printed twice per computer. Simply select the coupon below by checking the box and then click on "Get Coupons" - super simple!

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Restaurant Coupon Roundup (8/7/15)



Restaurant Coupon Roundup

Restaurant Coupon Roundup (8/7/15)

Black Angus Steakhouse Coupons
$17.99 Mixed Grill Trio (exp: 8/10/2015)
$42 Campfire Feast for Two (exp: 9/14/2015)
Free 5 oz. Lobster Tail When You Buy Steak Dinner (exp: 9/14/2015)

Blackjack Pizza Coupons
Any Large Pizza with Up to 5 Toppings for $9.99 + More Coupons

Bob Evans Coupons
Buy 1 Breakfast Entree Get 1 50% Off When You Buy 2 Drinks (exp: 8/12/2015)

Carls Jr Coupons
$1 Off Mushroom & Swiss All-Natural Burger Combo (exp: 9/6/2015)

Cocos Coupons
$2 Off $10 Food Purchase (exp: 8/16/2015)

Daphnes Greek Cafe Coupons
$2 Off Any Entree (exp: 9/27/2015)

Dickeys Barbecue Pit Coupons
$3 Off $10 Lunch Before 3PM or $5 Off $15 Dinner After 4PM (exp: 8/6/2015)

Hardees Coupons
$1 Off Any Size All Natural Burger Combo (exp: 8/30/2015)

Jacks Coupons
$3.50 Hamburger, Fry, Small Drink & Pie + More (exp: 8/18/2015)

Longhorn Steakhouse Coupons
$3 Off 2 Adult Lunch Entrees (exp: 8/14/2015)

Mimis Cafe Coupons
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Entree When You Buy 2 Drinks (exp: 8/22/2015)

Papa Johns Coupons
$8 Large 1-Topping Pizza (exp: 8/7/2015)

Quick Chek Coupons
Free Anytime Spuds with Breakfast Sub Purchase (exp: 8/10/2015)

Rubios Coupons
$1 Off Any Entree (exp: 8/23/2015)
$1 Off Shrimp & Bacon Salad (exp: 8/23/2015)

Smokey Bones Coupons
$5 Off $15 Purchase (exp: 8/9/2015)

Togos Coupons
$2 Off Any 9 Inch Large Sandwich (exp: 8/6/2015)

Thank you, Surviving the Stores!

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