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Free A&W Root Beer Float on August 6th


A&W Root Beer Float DayNational Root Beer Float Day is August 6th and A&W Restaurant is celebrating by offering a FREE small A&W Root Beer Float (no coupon needed) from 2pm - close. Closing times do vary by store so please check ahead of time.

They will also be collecting donations for the Wounded Warrior Project so please take that into consideration.

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Save Up to $6 on Back To School Favorites with Prego, V8, Swanson, Campbell's, & More!


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#Campbellsavings for back to schoolI opened an email today from our new school district and found out that our new district starts a week earlier than we are used to! It's time for me to get into back-to-school mode! 

Now that back to school is right around the corner, it's time to think about quick and easy weeknight meals. Saving money is an important factor, too. Campbell's® has you covered with big savings and easy meals with seven great products.

For a limited time, save on the following products:

  • Pace® Picante Sauce - Save $1 on any Two (2) jars of Pace® Picante Sauce or Salsa.
  • V8® Splash® - Save $1 on any TWO (2) bottles of V8 Splash®.
  • Swanson® Chicken Broth - Save $0.50 on any TWO (2) cartons of Swanson® broth (26oz. or larger).
  • Campbell's® Dinner Sauces - Save $1 on any TWO (2) Campbell's® Skillet, Slow Cooker, Oven or Grill Sauces.
  • Swanson® Premium Chunk Chicken Breast - Save $0.50 on any TWO (2) cans of Swanson® Premium Chunk Chicken Breast.
  • Prego® Italian Sauces - Save $1 on any TWO (2) Prego® Italian sauces.
  • SpaghettiOs® - Save $0.40 on any THREE (3) Campbell's® SpaghettiOs® pastas.

Click here for great savings on your back-to-school meals!

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My Picks for Kindle eBooks for 8/3/15


My Picks for free Kindle eBooks

Here are my picks for today's free Kindle eBooks! This list is curated my me, not a computer program, so not only do I look for books with great ratings, I try to add many books that will appeal to the masses. My goal is to get this list up for you all each weekday, but some days are busier than others for me so I can't promise a new list every weekday. I hope you all find a few good books from my picks of free Kindle eBooks! Enjoy!

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Kindle Disclosure

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Innovative Scott Naturals Tube-Free Bath Tissue is $2 Off + Ships Free


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.
#ScottTubeFree #CollectiveBias

Scott Naturals Tube Free Target CouponA household necessity that not only reduces waste but also gets shipped to my door for free AND I can save $2 right now?

Heck yeah. 

When it comes to keeping your bathroom tidy, it can be a hassle and a drag. Next thing you know when you're emptying the trash, you have accumulated countless rolls left over from your toilet paper. Whether you throw the tubes away or recycle them, there is a better solution to improve our environment. Scott Naturals has created an exciting new product that can give all of our lifestyles an eco-friendly boost. Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue functions exactly like your standard toilet paper on the roll, but doesn't have the left over tube that gets thrown in the trash. Using Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue reduces waste and is better for the environment. Just when you thought this new product couldn't get any better, it does. The Tube-Free bath tissue rolls the same on the holder as your standard toilet paper with the same great value and quality!

Now you are probably asking yourself where you can purchase this great new product. Receive $2 off on Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissues 16-pk instantly at Target.com. Right now, Scott Tube Free is available in select Target stores in the Northeast Region of the United States. Help out the environment and take advantage on this great deal! Saving the environment one Tube-Free bath tissue at a time.

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Newest Coupons


Since this past Saturday was the first of the month there are numerous new coupons to print from either HERE or by simply scrolling through the pages below (click the numbers in the upper right corner). Despite what some people may think because of the type of blog this is, I'm not an extreme couponer. I take a more relaxed approach to couponing because extreme couponing doesn't fit my shopping habits. Now don't get me wrong, I definitely believe in saving with coupons but when it comes to doing things like stockpiling 30 boxes of cereal, that's not me; we have two kids and my husband and I don't eat cereal. For a larger family, it probably works to stockpile that way but for our family, it ends up being wasteful. I definitely save where I can with coupons, like for instance with dog food, personal care, and pantry staples, but I'm not one to coupon shop for an item just because the coupon is available and I might use that product one day. 

With that being said, here are the latest coupons. And even though I'm not an extreme couponer, you can bet I'll still be printing a few of these off for my next shopping trip. 

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Becoming a Minimalist by Accident


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Two weeks ago today my family was unpacking all of the moving boxes that had been in storage for the past 3 months. It's hard to believe that everything is unpacked and has a home especially since while the movers were unloading the moving truck, I kept telling myself it would be a month before we sorted through it all. Talk about feeling weighed down.

After being on the market for 6 months with my husband commuting back and forth from Wisconsin to Minnesota, we sold our house in Wisconsin and packed only necessary things that we would need to live. We moved those items into a very small apartment in Rochester, MN while our house was built just outside of Rochester. Everything else went into a moving storage facility and during the unpacking process, each member of my family, including myself, would come across something that we completely forgot about. The more we unpacked, the more we started to question why we brought most of the items with us. I'll get to what we did with all of that another time.

Before the moving company showed up at our house in Wisconsin to pack us up we sold, gave away, and donated many of our things. We must've made at least a dozen trips to Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul. Well, at least we thought we did. As a matter of fact, our friends, family, and neighbors were starting to ask if we had anything left because we were unloading so much stuff. 

Having fewer choices

Something happened during those 3 months of apartment living. Remember when you moved out for the first time and had very few things to get started? That is how we lived. And guess what? We were actually able to make do with what we had and as we went along, I realized that life just felt easier. Instead of 6 different mixing bowls, I only had 2. That stockpile of cleaning supplies that took up space in the basement at our old house, we brought 2 - 3 bottles with and everything still got clean. During that time we attended a wedding and I had only brought 2 pair of earrings to the apartment; one gold pair and one silver pair. I remember how easy it was to grab a pair to wear because the choice was limited. If I had my huge jewelry armoire, it would have taken me forever to decide what to wear. And speaking of what to wear, that became much less complicated because there was only so much to choose from. 

I no longer like "stuff"

3 months ago you could have asked to borrow a slow cooker. Sure, why not? I have 4 of them. Need some deodorant? Take your pick from these 12 bottles. Having a party and need 6 chip bowls? I got you covered. 

After living those 3 months without all of that, I don't want it back. I don't need it back. Looking back I realize how it was all so overwhelming. Yes, having excess stuff can be overwhelming. I guess this is a concept I would have dismissed before and can only understand it now because we forced ourselves to temporarily live that way thinking "it's only 3 months". Having those things did not make me happy, fulfilled, or a better person. And those things that I thought had meaning, really did not; they only took up space. It was all just more to clean, more to organize, more to stress out about, and more exhausting to make choices. 

I've never been one to live in a cluttered home. I'm not sure there is a single person out there who could say they came into our house and found it to be cluttered. However, for those that would tease me about my immaculate home, what they may not have realized is that to them it appeared to be neat and tidy, but to me it was a mess. I've been asked before if I had OCD because I would clean an already clean house. My house never felt clean. I never felt organized. I struggled with this all of the time. I never understood why I felt this way up until recently. 

Material possessions were cluttering my mind

If a professional sat down with me before our apartment living experience and told me that the reason my mind was cluttered and I was constantly cleaning a clean house was because we had too many material possessions, I would have thought the person was on crack. I would have also listed 100 reasons why I had to keep those things; I spent money on that. My mom gave me that. It matches that other thing. I might need that one day. And finally, I would have said that my house is clean and organized so they must be wrong. 

I'm glad it didn't take a professional to tell me that, and it only took an experience for me to figure it out on my own. It's freeing to have fewer material possessions. It's peaceful really. And in the long run it will eventually put more money in my pocket. I realized that today when I drove right past one of my favorite (or used to be favorite) craft stores. I didn't have the strong desire to go in and look around. I only thought to myself that whatever I would find in there would not go with our new "less is more" decor. 

I realized as I drove past the store that I had adapted this new minimalist and simplistic way of living in more ways than one. And it's a damn good feeling.

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Pick 'n Save / Copps / Metro Market Coupon Ad Match-Up (7/30 - 8/05)


Pick n SaveHere is the Pick 'n Save / Copps / Metro Market coupon match-up for 7/30/15 - 8/05/15. Shop double coupons every Wednesday and Saturday with your Fresh Perks Rewards Card. You can see the Roundy's coupon policy here.

Pick 'n Save / Copps / Metro Market Double Coupons

  • You must present your Fresh Perks Rewards card at the time of checkout.
  • You must spend $25 in a single transaction before coupons but after Fresh Perks card discounts.
  • There is a limit of 5 manufacturer coupons per transaction (unless otherwise noted)
  • Coupons with a face value of $1 and under will double. Anything above $1 will not double.
  • The total coupon value, including the doubled amount, cannot exceed the price of the product.
  • E-Clips will not double.
  • A Roundy’s Banner Gift Card purchase cannot be used toward the double coupon $25 threshold.
  • No cash back will be given

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