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40 Minute $140 Staircase Makeover


40 minute $140 gorgeous staircase makeover with carpet runners from Target!! http://www.whatroseknows.comAfter a little research online about resilient vinyl flooring (also known as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl plank (LVP)), we decided to have Shaw Urbanality 12 Plank in Skyline installed throughout our entire new construction home. I wanted to completely avoid any sort of tile flooring and my husband wanted to avoid any wall to wall carpeting. After having tile in a large portion of our last home, I did not want to deal with grouted tile floors or cold bare feet ever again. So far, we are loving our LVP. It's quiet, much warmer than tile flooring, cleans up easy, and it looks great. Plus, I can walk around with bare feet all day long and my feet and knees do not hurt like they did with the tile flooring. 

40 minute $140 gorgeous staircase makeover with carpet runners from Target!! http://www.whatroseknows.comShortly after we moved into our new house, my son took a spill on the stairs. Then my nephew. Then my friend's toddler. And then we have our dog Sam who would slip and slide all over the stairs and the landing every time he went up and down. We needed to add a staircase carpet runner before someone else hurt themselves on our stairs. 

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Clean Home Habits


Check out these simple CLEAN HOME HABITS! http://www.whatroseknows.comI'm not sure if it's the way I was brought up, or if I was simply made this way, but for my entire adult life I have always kept a very clean home. Some may argue that the reason my home is so clean is because I work from home and my kids are older. However, when I was working a full-time job outside of the home and my kids were babies and toddlers, my home was still clean. I honestly don't know any other way to live. And before you go thinking that all I ever do is clean, I assure you that I probably spend less time cleaning my home than most people, simply because I am in the habit of doing it every single day and it takes very little time. 

I don't believe there are "secrets" to a clean home, instead I believe there are simply clean home habits

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Fall Home Tour 2015 + Fall-oween Home Tour Blog Hop



Check out all of these fall and Halloween decor ideas! There are 16 blogs that are showing off how they decorate their homes this time of year in the #falloweenhometourhop! http://www.whatroseknows.com

Are you ready to be inspired, energized, delighted, captivated, and motivated? It's time to add touches of fall and Halloween to your home so get your thumb or index finger ready for the Fall-oween Home Tour Hop! This is my first ever home decor blog hop on What Rose Knows since the recent rebrand of my website and I'm so excited to be included in this blog hop! The home decor/ DIY blogging community has been so welcoming to me and I can't express how much I appreciate it! Going from one niche to another can make you feel like you are starting all over again but now that I am here, I feel right at home. :)

Speaking of home, I encourage you all to visit each and every one of these awesome homes for ideas and inspiration. And if you do not need either of those, do it for the pretty pictures! 

Numbers below coordinate with the image above.

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Check out all of these fall and Halloween decor ideas! There are 16 blogs that are showing off how they decorate their homes this time of year in the #falloweenhometourhop! http://www.whatroseknows.com Well hello there! Welcome to my full fall home tour! Come on in and have a look at my nature inspired neutral fall decor. Fall is usually full of bright and vibrant colors but this year, those colors will only be found on the outside of our home. We have only lived here in Minnesota for the past 6 months and three of those months were spent living in an apartment while our house was built, so we have only been in our new house a very short time! Since we have been living here, I realize that I feel very calm, relaxed, and at peace. The decor in our home is a reflection of that. Neutral colors can be very soothing and welcoming making a space warm and inviting. 

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Neutral Fall Tray Vignette


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Neutral fall tray vignette in a rustic elegant living room. Check out the windmill tail and windmill blade on the living room wall of this room! If you like rustic, farmhouse, or industrial, take a look at these photos!

Adding touches of fall to celebrate the season has become more and more popular over the years than decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall decor can take you from September (or late August for some of us) all the way through that weekend when the Christmas tree goes up. The benefit of fall decor is how most of it can transition from fall, to Halloween, to Thanksgiving. Sure, it's hard to not want all the pretty Halloween and Thanksgiving decor we see in the stores (ahem, starting in July), but that can get expensive. Instead, decorate for fall and you'll have the 3 of them covered. 

Here are the elements I used when creating this affordable fall tray vignette for our living room coffee table....

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Where to buy Cheap Throw Pillows (under $12 each)!


CHEAP THROW PILLOWS! I had no idea this section existed at my favorite home decor store! Only $12 for the pillow insert AND pillow cover! Throw pillows can be SO expensive so this is great information! When it comes to accessorizing your home, throw pillows can be the most versatile and easiest way to change up a room. Throw pillows can transform a room for a holiday, make a not so comfortable couch very comfortable, or be that finishing touch to a made bed. They add texture, dimension, color, and personality. 

They can also cost a fortune. 

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