Aging Cream Finish over Chalk Paint

Aging Cream over Chalk Paint

If you guys remember in my Chalk Painting for Newbies by a Newbie post, I mentioned that I was most likely going to add Aging Cream to my console table because the rest of the chalk painted pieces in the room were finished with Aging Cream. I used CeCe Caldwell's Dark Aging Cream on the console table and I'm very happy with the results! 

Below photo is the console table BEFORE Aging Cream
Chalk Painting for Newbies by a Newbie

As you can see when you compare the two images above, the Aging Cream gives it more of a "used" look. 

Before you do a big piece like this console table, be sure to practice on a few smaller pieces. Aging Cream does take a bit of practice and before I did this console table, I did the mirror and shelf in this Rustic Easter Wreath Idea & Tutorial post.

Aging Cream is applied with the same round flat brush that you use to apply the Clear Wax
(shown here). 

Aging Cream over Chalk Paint

The purpose of the Aging Cream is to make the piece appear dirty, worn, and old. Well, that's my opinion anyways....! 

Aging Cream over Chalk Paint

For this particular piece, I had to get creative with making sure the Aging Cream was applied to the areas where the piece should appear aged. To get in the corners of the drawer front, I used a Q-tip since the brush wasn't doing it.

The CeCe Caldwell's Paint website has the best instructions for applying the Dark Aging Cream 

Before first use stir well, mixing wax from bottom into upper layers of wax, as the pigment has a tendency to settle to the bottom of container. Apply sparingly with a soft brush to surface that has been treated with Clear Wax or Satin Finish. It becomes thin (like an oil) as you work with it. Feather into areas that you to appear aged. Remove any extreme excess. Leave more cream in the areas that you want the deeper pigmentation. Remove all cream from areas that you do not want an aged appearance. Allow to rest several minutes, before wiping away all excess. Apply a second coat if needed for deeper color. The cream takes longer to dry than wax. Do not over saturate your wood with the wax. Build color slowly. Use only a soft cloth to buff. Aging Cream goes on much lighter, straight from the container, than most dark waxes. For a harder finish, apply a coat of the Clear Wax several days after the application of the Aging Cream.

Aging Cream and all pigmented waxes take practice. Always work on a sample board prior to first use. Different personal techniques can achieve similar results. Practice on a sample boards helps you develop your personal application method that works best for your desired results.

Aging Cream over Chalk Paint

When they say you use it sparingly, you REALLY use it sparingly. I was able to do the console table above, a bookcase, mirror frame, small shelf, 2 vases, and fireplace mantle with just the small sample size container you see below! And there is still some leftover! 

Aging Cream over Chalk Paint

Remember, Aging Cream does take a bit of practice, but if I can do it, you can do it! 

Interested in purchasing CeCe Caldwell's Paints? I use Relove Market (formerly Shabby Lane) because she is a small Wisconsin business and I'm all about supporting small business owners in WI! Also, she ships your order out quick and there was always little surprise for me! I'm not guaranteeing that will happen and it may have something to do with the size of your purchase.

Otherwise, you can check out the CeCe Caldwell's Where to Buy Online retail locator.

1.0   Jessica
10/6/2015 10:02:28 AM
I love this! How blue is it once you've added the aging cream? It's such a pretty grey-blue on my screen and I want to replicate it in my apartment, just want to check before I order the materials! :)
  1.1   Rose
10/19/2015 1:42:28 PM
Hi Jessica, So sorry I just got around to responding now! I would say it's very blue before the aging cream. You can see a better image of it before the aging cream in this post:
2.0   Michelle
10/19/2015 1:36:52 PM
Hi can you please tell me if this colour is chesapeak blue? Thanks
  2.1   Rose
10/19/2015 1:41:16 PM
HI Michelle, Yes, the color is Chesapeake Blue. You can find more info in the post:
3.0   Anonymous
1/16/2016 8:25:41 PM
I did a similar type of distressing to an armoire, but I have never used aging cream before. I would love to try it some time. I painted it white, and it was originally dark wood (mahogany). I used a antique stain and rub. It turned out great, and I loved how easy it was to use. Plus it dried fast.
4.0   Sally
9/16/2016 3:23:56 AM
Hi Rose, Love your console table, great colour, but where did you buy the console from, very unusual style?
5.0   Esther
2/17/2018 10:36:33 AM
Hi, Your console table is awesome, I love the color, where did you buy the console from? I'm interested in acquiring. Thanks!
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