Tank Top Storage & Organization

Tank Top Storage & Organization - What Rose Knows

Here is a super easy solution to storing and organizing your tank tops! 

For years and years my tank tops would be such a mess either in a drawer or on my closet shelf. No matter how often I straightened them up, and how careful I was to remove one from the middle or bottom, they were always a mess. And oh my the wrinkles from folding them! 

By storing them in a canvas tote, or even a small plastic crate from Dollar Tree, they easily stay organized! Plus, your closet will look that much better. 

To get a nice tight roll, start by folding the tank top in half from top to bottom. Then, roll the tank top starting from the top down. You will end up with a rolled tank top that is wrinkle free!

Tank Top Storage & Organization - What Rose Knows

This would be a great tip to pass on to those preteen and teenage girls who seem to have millions of tank tops!  

1.0   Anonymous
9/26/2013 1:07:17 PM
love this idea!
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